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Dungeons and conferences aren't the only ones who can book Devyn for a class; he offers private classes too! With the use of virtual platforms he can provide education to individuals as well.


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This is the class for anyone interested in authority transfer in which the Master is to be seen in some religious capacity. We will discuss philosophy and why this looks so good. We will discuss the balancing act of seeing a human being as a deity. We will cover both sides of the slash and how this particular philosophy can be great for all types of people! You will hear some inspiring and cautionary tales.

We have all heard of long distance relationships and learned how to structure those properly to help maintain them. What we don't generally talk about is "short distance" relationships. Maybe you live in the same city, county, area or state but you don't live in the same home. Keep track of them when you cannot see them. Keep track of tasks. Of course we will also cover proper etiquette when visiting each other at your respective homes and how to leave. How to keep the relationship alive in times when contact is impossible. We will cover the use of mantras, communication protocols and how technology can save your brain from explosion!

These are a few of my favorite things! Authority transfer relationships require a great deal of things to function properly. The least examined, in my opinion, is the organization that is necessary. How to remember all the rituals and protocols, keep track of preferences, progress and how to organize your time. What are some of the tools that help us in our daily life to make it all less chaotic? Let's Find out together!

Ah the steps to practical ownership, the phases of authority transfer. We negotiate play, right? Well, let's talk about negotiating a dynamic. Not just protocols, punishments and service. Compatibility is just the first step. Dive into pragmatism and discover your needs and wants in all aspects of authority transfer. We will discuss a process designed to get you exactly what you're looking for!

This class is an introduction to the negotiation of authority transfer dynamics. The building and maintaining of these dynamics. Broken down to a basic level. What are these relationships made of? What can you get out of them? What can you bring to them?

This class will open a door you may never want to close! We will discuss ownership beyond return. Beyond finances, food choices, career, and even family obligations. How one couple built and maintain a dynamic in which the property lives for its Master, because its Master allows it to live for him. Devyn Stone and his property840 engage in a 24/7 total authority transfer dynamic. They live together with an understanding that each day they live a fantasy in the real world. Get a glimpse of what that looks like. 
(Presented by Devyn & 840)

From the perspective of a White, transgender male Dominant and His Asian, nonbinary property. We will examine Authority Transfer dynamics through an Eastern and Western lens, discuss how we meld the two cultures together, and offer an unique perspective on Western ideas of a "powerful slave" and "identity surrender.”
(Presented by Devyn & 840)

We begin with the crust. Just kidding. We aren't making pie. We are creating practical protocols. In this class we will discuss some basic terminology and theory. We will even discuss how to create, sustain and enforce protocols. Where do protocols fit in your life? Do you need them? Let's find out!

Emotional support in authority transfer dynamics is often thought to go one direction, top down. Vulnerability is often thought of as weakness. But what we hear so often is “How can I support my Master/ Dominant/ etc?” The truth is YOU CAN! This class is offered to give you some ideas and a place to ask a Dominant questions about emotional support from the bottom up. Devyn Stone engages, with his property 840, in a 24/7 Owner/property dynamic that is structured to support him. His property functions as an emotional support slave, service dog, and even an auxiliary prefrontal cortex. He uses his property’s brain to serve his every need and whim. You will hear some of 840’s functions, how they developed, and be permitted to ask anything you like. If 840 is available you may be permitted to ask it questions as well.



Let's talk about responsibility! This class is for everyone that plays or wants to play. It is inclusive to all orientations. We will talk about everything from risk to consent to negotiation.

Using objectification, dehumanization in a way that is designed to build up the property versus tearing it down. In this class we will discuss some points of objectification that can be integrated into the protocol. We will talk about how to use objectification to assert authority and even talk some philosophy!

In this class we will discuss some common misconceptions,  terms, and concepts about gender. We will also introduce proper social interactions, negotiations, and give you some tools to be a better ally! Fear not, there will be plenty of time for questions! Audience participation is highly encouraged! We intend this presentation to be inclusive and affirming, though some may experience discomfort. Content/Trigger Warning: transgender topics, dysphoria, misgendering, guessing gender, and genital mentions.
(Presented by Devyn & 840)

We have a terrible reputation! Everywhere I go I see things bashing narcissists! Most of the time the things I see are really just referencing less than savory people. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is just that... a PERSONALITY DISORDER! Just like other mental illness it can be hard to manage and it is incurable. But... why does it have to mean we can't love or be loved? Let's smash this stigma once and for all! Whether you have NPD, narcissistic traits or you love a narcissist this class is for you! Disclaimer This class is taught by a person diagnosed with NPD over 10 years ago, generally with his service pup.

No matter which side of the slash you fall on... what we do requires self awareness. Let's take a look at a journey to self awareness and what it takes. We will discuss our personalities, how we love, how we fight and even how we can work together. Sometimes looking in the mirror is rough but we will make this journey as accessible and comfortable as possible.

From budgeting to packing to schedules we will talk all about how to prep for your next big convention! Devyn gives you all the pro tips he has!

Behavior modification in power exchange dynamics is a tale as old as time. Recently, mindfulness has been at the forefront of power exchange dynamics and interpersonal relationships. Join this interactive workshop designed to focus on modifying thought processes. Yes! Internal mind control to serve you better.
(Presented by Devyn & 840)

A harrowing story of one person’s rise through adversity. Devyn Stone, in his most vulnerable moment, opens his lived experiences to inspire you, to teach you, and to caution you. Listen with gentle ears as he shows you something that few get to see. In his words, “...this is not a class, it’s not a workshop, it is something different.” Devyn uses his background in public speaking and his work with RAINN to bring the kink scene something truly unique.
How does one pass victim, pass survivor, and become a WARRIOR? Join Devyn Stone to learn about his journey through abuse, poverty, and identity crisis. He will discuss his mental health diagnoses, physical disabilities, C-PTSD, TBI, and so much more.

So you found the world of kink! Everyone keeps telling you to get out into the community. What does that mean? Devyn Stone, kink educator and author, will give you the basics to get you on your way. From terminology to subcultures to fetishes and everything in between! Join this class for an amazingly thorough menu reading!



Impact, rough body, knives and more! Choking, punching, kicking, dragging and other stunts. Fake blood, stage combat tricks, special effects from the movies and more! How to make your scene epic for all!

Fear. Terror. Horror. Are you afraid of fear play? Do you think you can’t be scared? Do you trust someone too much to engage in fear play? Don’t have any fears? Want to scare people but you aren’t intimidating? Well come one, come all! SirHorror is here to terrorize and tantalize your brains with some spooky knowledge about fear play. Let’s get down to the bare bones and have a laugh or two!

Ahhh.... knives. What versatile things! In this workshop, we will discuss the finer "points" of playing with sharp, metal weapons. Big and small, we will talk about them all! We will cover safety, general information and negotiation. Of course there's a spicy demo.... and maybe some fear play...

In this class, you will learn how to provide and receive cigar service as well as several types of beginner and intermediate cigar play. We will also touch on human ashtrays and furniture. We will briefly cover some of the finer points of smoking and playing in kinky public and non kinky public places.

Years ago, when I was a cigar bottom... I developed my own signature brand of cigar service. I called it "Cigar and a Show". In this class, I reveal all of my trade secrets! I will show you some techniques to really stand out from the crowd including my famous "blowjob" serve!

SirHorror leads an open discussion about fear play, mental manipulation and mindfucks. He will share his tales of torture and ask to hear some of yours!







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